About Us

Your Auto Project is a perfect place to stop and connect with us and learn about our journey and all the DIY tutorials that we offer.

Our website is built on past experience and knowledge learned throughout the years. As young boys, we have grown and flourished in this industry by working part-time in local mechanics and simply by having a love for the car industry.

By deciding to share what we’ve learned, a decision was made to build an actual blog which will be a newbie-friendly place where you can read stories, DIY-guides, and learn new stuff related to mechanics.

Your Auto Project is completely about us, as partners. There is nothing about the crazy luxury car brands or new releases or anything like it. It is about passing the knowledge we have as DIY enthusiasts and hopefully serving you the proper solution at the right time, essentially saving you the headache, some money, and time.

It is a place where you can learn, fix, modify, or clean your car in a specific way while receiving proper car product recommendations.
It is imperative to keep in mind that we are not professionals, but we will present our real-life knowledge and the best of our abilities in a very common language.

Join us on our journey and have fun reading and learning from our articles which we will be sharing on a daily basis!

Meet The Team

Bojan Tomov

Hey all! My name is Bojan! I’ve always been interested in my car being shiny and clean. As an editor, mostly you will find me in the Cleaning & Detailing section where I will show you some of the cool stuff I’ve learned to keep your car always looking sparkling clean.

Dimitar Popov

Hi there! I am Dimitar! Spent quite some time under the hood getting my hands dirty. Follow me in our Maintenance section where I will present Car servicing skills you should know about. Improve your driving experience and have your car in peak condition with my throughout tutorials.